Welcome to the FSU SA/NT Branch

Welcome Message from SA/NT Branch Secretary

I have worked in the finance industry since 1996 in a number of roles including Teller, Relationship Manager, Financial Planner and Business Development Manager. Since joining the FSU in 2007 I have worked as an Organiser, Advocate and had the honour of being appointed Local Executive Secretary in 2013.

My background means I understand the issues that finance workers face every day. Too often you are not recognised for your efforts, you don’t get paid enough, and you have to fight too hard to be treated well.

The finance industry is currently facing many challenges. The nature of traditional finance sector jobs is changing and evolving due to digitisation, and an increased scrutiny on workplace culture and practices.

These challenges are also opportunities for our voices to be heard on what our industry needs to look like as we transition into the roles of the future, and make positive changes to workplace culture and practices.

Together we have fought for great wins that started in our state, including $22 million for CBA workers in unpaid super and additional leave entitlements for up to 5000 fulltime WBC workers.

There is more work to do and together we can achieve a better future for finance workers here in South Australia and across the country.

As your Local Executive Secretary my commitment is to work with you to ensure that you have jobs where you are respected, which provide a future for you and your families, and ensure trust and confidence is restored to the finance industry.

In unity

Jason Hall,
SA/NT Branch Secretary