🚨 Help stop CBA from sending 1000's of jobs overseas

The Commonwealth Bank has broken their promise to you and to their shareholders and announced plans to offshore Australian jobs in the middle of a global pandemic.

Sign the petition now to call on CBA to keep Australian banking jobs here.

The longer you’ve been at CBA, the more likely it is that you’d know that for decades CBA has done the right thing and resisted the urge to offshore jobs. Even while their competitors took that route.

Now, while many of their competitors look to bring jobs back to Australia, the Commonwealth Bank has decided that the opportunity to exploit overseas workers and sack those at home with decades of service and experience is just too good to pass up.

We thought they were better than this.

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It’s this team today, but we’re already hearing whispers of thousands of others. Together – as the people who make the CBA what is it – we can stop them.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary