Lending course – It’s your call

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Lending Course – It’s your call

Members have contacted FSU saying they are being required to complete a home lending course even though they are not moving into a lending role.

Concerns were raised around the compulsory nature of the course, which is how Suncorp were explaining this change in duties to staff.

The FSU sought answers to member concerns.  Suncorp has confirmed that:

  • There is no requirement for Sales and Service Consultants, nor Banking Consultants, to complete Home Lending training;
  • The Home Lending Course includes the completion of five applications with a credit coach but this does not form part of a Consultant’s KPIs;
  • Where Consultants complete the training it may be to support their professional development and assist with customer conversations; and
  • There has been no change to the position descriptions for the sales, service and banking consultant roles.

FSU is aware that in some cases Consultants were not given a choice to do the training and it certainly doesn’t appear as if there was sufficient transparency around the context in which this direction was being given.

Regardless of whether you have completed the training or not, you can not be required to complete any loan applications nor have them added to your targets.

Should you wish to know more about this matter or if you have other concerns regarding working arrangements in Suncorp retail stores, simply register and come along to our special Zoom meeting for Suncorp Retail Staff.

Date: Thursday, 3 September 2020 @ 7PM EST
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Authorised by Wendy Streets, Queensland Local Executive Secretary