Sunsuper and QSuper merger report back

In December 2021, the Boards of Sunsuper and QSuper approved to proceed with the merger, executing an agreement to merge on 28 February 2022.

Over the past several months, your Union and its Workplace Reps, have been working hard to better understand how the merger and any other recent changes have affected you and the way you work.

Thank you to colleagues who provided their invaluable feedback via our FSU check-in.

The information from this FSU check-in, has helped to inform the Union on what issues are of most concern to you and enabled us to better represent the views of both Sunsuper and QSuper employees at the decision making table.

During the check-in process we committed to holding a report back meeting on the overall results and to provide a forum to ask questions.

RSVP to our lunchtime meeting, guaranteed to be finished in just 30 minutes!

RSVP for report back

Members are encouraged to submit their questions during the registration process, to ensure we cover as many topics as possible.

Know someone who might like to attend? Members are encouraged to share this email with their colleagues.

If you need more information or just want to chat with an organiser, text ‘Sunsuper’ or ‘QSuper’ to 0434 160 856.

Your FSU Sunsuper Team

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary