Sunsuper commits to much improved offer to consider before you vote next week

Dear Member,

Last week FSU was briefed, as were all Sunsuper staff, on the proposal to put a variation to the current Enterprise Agreement to ballot next Monday, seeking to waive the annual pay increase contained in the Agreement.

Over the course of the last week, many staff have attended FSU meetings and discussed what needed to change to make a yes vote more tenable. Due to the large amount of input and agitation FSU has managed to move Sunsuper on some critical matters and there is now a much more secure proposition to consider.

What’s changed?

Whilst staff are still being asked to agree to forgo a pay increase which has been previously negotiated and agreed to, with the new levels of commitment around receiving a bonus and capacity to achieve a deferred increase if things turn out better than the predictions Sunsuper is working on, as well as a commitment that any staff who are made redundant will not be hit twice by this decision and will have their payments adjusted by the 2.5% increase.

Your FSU reps have done an amazing job over the last week working on your behalf, as have the almost 150 staff who have attended the three FSU meetings to provide feedback. It is this work that has moved Sunsuper to improve the offer to where it currently is.

The choice is now up to you – the ballot will open on Monday morning.

Please participate, the result is determined by 50% plus one voting either in favour or against, there is no requirement for how many staff are required to vote.

Not a member yet – join your colleagues.

In Unity,


Wendy Streets
Queensland Local Executive Secretary

Authorised by Wendy Streets, Queensland Local Executive Secretary