Sunsuper/QSuper Merger check-in

Since signing the Heads of Agreement in March 2021, Sunsuper is continuing to progress its plan to create a $200 billion superannuation fund. The Organisation recently revised the successful funds transfer date to early 2022. This delay is not surprising, considering the size, scale and complexity of the merger, which brings together around 2 million members.

Your Union and its Workplace Reps, are distributing a short check-in for all Sunsuper staff to better understand how the planned merger is affecting you and the way you work.

The information from your Unions check-in, will help to continue to inform your union on what issues are of most concern to you to enable us to better represent you and make the transition a successful one for everyone.

Sunsuper meet with your union on a regular basis to provide updates on the merger and we have a capacity to raise any issues that are concerning you at any time.

Members are encouraged to have their say and to share this email with their team.

To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join your Union. FSU members get specialist advice and support from our network of expert staff and workplace leaders.


Need more information or want to have a chat with your Union Organiser? TXT ‘Sunsuper’ to 0434 160 856


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In unity
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary