Sunsuper’s variation to the Enterprise Agreement has been voted up

Over 93% of staff have participated in the ballot to vary the Enterprise Agreement with regards to the 2020 salary increase. Almost 72% of those staff have voted in favour of the proposal which will now go to Fair Work for approval.

Over the last couple of weeks FSU members have been able to make a valuable contribution to the original offer of simply a freeze to salaries for this year. Due to your involvement Sunsuper have made the following commitments:

  1. Any staff who are made redundant over the life of the Agreement will receive the 2.5% increase to both their retrenchment as well as accrued entitlements, so they will be no worse off due to the variation.
  2. Your bonus payment, due in September will now be assessed against the nine months pre-COVID in your performance year, so no adverse affect from the results due to the pandemic.
  3. A guarantee that the entire $4 million allocated for the bonuses will be distributed and the distribution information will be shared with FSU.
  4. A commitment that if the results are better than forecast, then a deferred salary increase will be made during the life of the Agreement. FSU will monitor the performance results of Sunsuper.

However, these commitments are not part of your EA and FSU will hold Sunsuper to account to ensure these commitments are honoured.

Management have also outlined that a restructure is coming with 6% of roles targeted as early as September. The best way to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to through these unsettling times is to be a member, so if you haven’t already joined with your colleagues please do it today.

Join online at

Thank you to your FSU Workplace Reps for all the hard work they did on your behalf over the last couple of weeks:

  • Peter Lawson – Level 7, CDOP5, Milton
  • Tarquin Bell – Level 5, CDOP5, Milton
  • Glen McKimmie – Level 1, CDOP4, Milton
  • Ryan Murphy – Level 1, CDOP4, Milton
  • Andrew Fisher – Level 29, ASQ, Sydney
  • Casey Prentice – Level 1, CDOP4, Milton
  • Tui Waipo – Level 5, Bourke St, Melbourne
  • Rob Hansford – Level 5, Bourke St, Melbourne
Authorised by Wendy Streets, Queensland Local Executive Secretary