Superpartners: Annual Leave Application Been Knocked Back?

Monday, 26 February 2018

Finance Sector Union personnel have learned recently of a worrying number of annual leave applications at Superpartners which have been refused because of so called black out periods.

Of major concern is that staff appear to be unable to take annual leave despite, in some cases, giving more than 12 months’ notice. Several other cases reveal that staff have not been permitted to have two weeks’ consecutive leave despite this being a requirement of the enterprise agreement.

We are conducting a short survey to assess how widespread this is.
If you are affected, complete the survey here.

There is no mention of blackout periods in the Superpartners Enterprise Agreement 2016. However there are other key requirements in Clause 6.4.

To be clear about it…

“Superpartners is committed to employees maintaining balance and taking annual leave each year. Superpartners will consider all reasonable requests and in fact require all employees to have at least one two week break…”

“Superpartners require all employees to take reasonable annual leave each year…”

“All employees are required to take at least one period of 10 consecutive business days of annual leave each calendar year…”

And to put the matter beyond all possible doubt…

The annual leave provided by this clause shall be allowed and shall be taken…”

Remember, these provisions are non negotiable as they are existing entitlements.

To enable the FSU to get a clearer overall picture of how widespread this problem may be, we are conducting a small survey to enable you to provide your experiences applying for annual leave. We invite all staff, Superpartners, Link or AAS to participate in the survey. Just make it clear in your answer which group you belong to.

Click here to open the survey.

For any other questions in the coming weeks contact any of the following FSU Workplace representatives: Alex Troup, Suaad Ahmed, Jesse Curtis, Niki Misinale, Robyn-Lee Valentine or Clare Gornall or call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

Authorised By: Wendy Streets, Local Executive Secretary QLD

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary