Support flexible work at Hostplus

Flexible work and COVID-19 Safety


Flexible work – having a say in where and when we work – is one of our highest priorities at Hostplus. As negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement kick off again this week, we urgently need to highlight the importance of flexible work to Hostplus management.

We have demonstrated throughout COVID-19 that we can work from home and still achieve great outcomes for our members.

Flexible working helps us balance work with our family and life outside work.  It’s also a huge factor in protecting our health and wellbeing.

Especially as COVID-19 cases rise, flexible working allows us to keep ourselves, our colleagues and our families safe.  It also means we are staying ahead of Government requirements to mask up and work from home – we can always choose the work location that best suits our team and our health.

Sign our statement of support and we will take it to Hostplus to demonstrate our commitment to flexible work.

Hostplus Reissues Notice of Employee Representational Rights

Amanda Jakovac, Head of Human Resources contacted us last Monday to say Hostplus had reissued the Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) due to a technical issue on the Hostplus side.

In the lead up to our next bargaining meeting, this Thursday – sign and share our statement of support for flexible work as we make this a critical part of what we take to our next meetings.

Kind regards,

Your Hostplus FSU reps

If you’d like to contact our FSU organiser – reach out to Laf Zuccarello at and 0434 160 523

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary