Supporting the return of democratic rule in Myanmar (Sydney event)

FSU members are invited to an enlightening event in Sydney ‘Is Peace and Democracy Possible in Myanmar?’, featuring Mr Aung Myo Min, Human Rights Minister for Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG).  

In his first-ever visit to Australia, Mr Min will share his insights into the ongoing struggle against Myanmar’s military junta and the NUG’s vision to build peace and national unity. 

Date: Friday 2 June 2023 

Time: 3:30 – 5pm 

Location: Lecture Theatre 200, Social Sciences Bldg. (A02), Science Rd, Sydney University 

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The NUG, an opposition government composed of elected MPs, representatives of Myanmar’s diverse ethnic groups, and civil society leaders, was established in response to the violent military coup that overthrew the government in February 2021. This event was followed by a large-scale civil disobedience movement, led primarily by workers and students. 

About the Speaker: Mr Aung Myo Min was formerly the director of Equality Myanmar, a premier NGO campaigning for LGBTQI+ rights in Myanmar. Over the decades, he has been a relentless force working towards equality, democracy, and social justice in Myanmar. As Myanmar’s first openly gay Minister, his appointment marks a significant step in the country’s progressive evolution.