Tell ANZ Executives why we deserve fair pay

Last night we met to discuss ANZ’s pay offer of 2% to Group 5 and 6 staff, and nothing to Group 4 staff.

With the other Big 4 banks offering a pay increase of at least 3% for people like us, we feel embarrassed and undervalued.

ANZ has made a cash profit of $3.758 billion. They can afford to pay us a fair increase, yet they are choosing not to.  ANZ Executives have decided that we do not deserve a 3% pay increase.

We have all worked so hard this year in the most difficult circumstances.

Last night, we shared our stories and decided that ANZ Executives must not know what it is like for us.

They must not know what it is like to have to wear a face mask all day in a branch, having to keep everything sanitised and making sure people are following the rules so everyone is safe. They must not know what it is like in the contact centre speaking to distressed customers all day.

They must not know, because if they did, they would pay us fairly.

So we’re going to tell them exactly what our experiences are, and why we deserve 3%.

Click here to share your experiences this year.

You can write about your year as a whole, a special customer you have assisted, a difficult incident or period – whatever you think ANZ executives need to hear to understand that you deserve 3%.

Our contributions will be anonymous.

For more information or to get in touch, reply to this information.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary