Tell Jason Chan you deserve better

Yesterday CBA announced a record $4.75bn profit over the 6months to 31 December 2021. Once again confirming it to be the most profitable bank in Australia.

Over this same period the Bank has rejected our pay claim through Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations. Our Union is asking for a 0.25% improvement on the current pay offer of 3% for each year of the EA.

It’s time to make Jason Chan listen – join with hundreds of other staff and FSU members and sign our open letter today.

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Other major banks and superannuation companies are paying 3.25% per year.

Why has Management rejected our pay claim? Because they think that is all we deserve, despite all of the challenges of the last two years and delivering this record profit. It’s not good enough.

This significant result posted by CBA was only possible because we have turned up each and every day serving customers and communities, and this needs to be respected.

Our position is clear, pay must keep up with cost of living challenges and reflect that our hard work has again made this the number one Bank in the country.

Negotiations will be recommencing very soon and we need to ensure our call for decent and fair pay is as loud as possible.

Our Union wants to see these negotiations concluded as soon as practicable, so our hard work can be rewarded while making sure members are not short-changed in the process.

Keep an eye out for further updates after our next bargaining meetings. In the meantime, please share this update with your colleagues and if you’re not already an FSU member, join today.

Your FSU Team.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary