The Fix Starts with 6%
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At FSU meetings last week members rejected Westpac’s proposal of between 3.5% and 2.75% for Tier 1 & 2 employees and an uncertain market based increase for those above Tier 2.

Members are calling for a real cost of living wage increase of 6% for Group employees.With inflation at 5.1% and predictions of it reaching over 6%, the Bank’s proposal would mean a real cut to take home pay. Westpac’s last annual profit announcement was $5.45 billion. This was through the hard work of all of us – the Bank can afford it.Have you joined with thousand of your Westpac Group colleagues who are calling for a cost of living wage increase?

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The call for real pay increases is building

At Westpac Group we are joining countless workers from across different industries around the country who are now claiming for real cost of living increases. This is our opportunity to join this growing call for a real living wage. Only by sticking together we can show the Bank that we deserve more. There no better time to join your union – if you know someone who needs to join send them this page, and they can join here.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary