FSU report 2022

Pay Secrecy at CBA

Did you know that CBA saves over an estimated $500 million each year by enforcing pay secrecy and perpetuating the gender pay gap?

Late last year, after CEO Matt Comyn told Parliament that CBA didn’t enforce these clauses, FSU surveyed CBA staff to find out the truth.

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Almost every single respondent – 95% – told us they understand that there is ban on talking about salaries and many shared stories that detailed just how rampant the inequities in the CBA remuneration system are.

Trainers getting paid less than trainees, job share partners on different hourly rates, and stacks of more examples of workers in the same jobs getting paid vastly different salaries.

The report complements our virtual International Women’s Day event tomorrow 2pm (AEDT): Shining a light on the cost of pay secrecy.

Hear from Senior Economist Alison Pennington about the economics and ALP MP Peta Murphy about the politics. 

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary