Let's tell it like it is....

The Sedgwick Review – Has anything changed?

In 2017 the Australian Banking Association commissioned Stephen Sedgwick to review remuneration in retail banking. Your input into the Sedgwick Review was vital, feedback provided by FSU members showed the lived experience of bank workers.

Now we’re once again being given the opportunity to “tell it like it is”.

Sedgwick has been asked to revisit the issues in light of his 2017 recommendations and report back on how the implementation of his recommendations has played out. Bank workers need to have a strong voice in this. Have your say by completing the comprehensive survey that has been sent via email.

It’s essential that Sedgwick hears from real workers about if these changes have actually been implemented and whether your targets, bonuses and performance systems are working to prioritise an ethical customer focused workplace or if they are still encouraging poor behaviour. Without your real-life experience, Stephen Sedgwick will have no choice but to rely on the word of bank executives who fought hard to prevent the Royal Commission that shone a light onto poor practice. He has told us how valuable it is to hear from workers on the front line.

We need to identify the pockets of our industry that are leading the way in these efforts as well as those that are hiding poor behaviour behind “balanced scorecards” and the like, that aren’t actually balanced at all.

Complete the survey here:


We want to hear from those of you have had good experiences as well as from those who have told us nothing has really changed. The survey will take you 15 minutes, it’s not a quick survey, but it will allow you to tell us confidentially where things are improving and shine a light on where they are not.

We are also looking for people interested in being involved in some focus groups in March. Sedgwick will hold round tables with a small group of FSU members just before Easter and to get involved you need to complete this survey.

All of the information we collect in the survey will remain confidential from your employers. The survey is only open until 5 March. Check your email for your copy of the survey.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary