The state of play in negotiations - FSU Briefing Sessions

Negotiations have recommenced for a new Enterprise Agreement following the rejection of NAB’s proposal in December last year.

While Management have now accepted what Union members have been saying from the onset of this process – pay, workloads (and more) are significant issues, we have not yet seen any genuine solutions.

The Union is holding a series of briefing sessions on Friday 10th March (register below), to cover –

  • The state of play in negotiations
  • FSU Solutions package
  • Potential pathways forward

Together we successfully won the debate on scope and the seriousness of the issues facing NAB Colleagues, together we now need to win the debate on the solution.

Be sure to ask your colleagues to register and attend by forwarding them this email.

Register here: Friday 10 March – 8am (AEDT)

Register here: Friday 10 March – 12pm (AEDT)

Register here: Friday 10 March – 6pm (AEDT)

Register here: Friday 10 March – 6pm (AWST)

NAB’s Feedback Channels

The collective voice and views of NAB Colleagues has and continues to be represented in negotiations by your FSU Bargaining Reps, Justine Sherwood, Meg Nair and Adam Fletcher.

NAB’s announcement they will be rolling out feedback channels independent from the bargaining room undermines the collaborative approach your FSU Bargaining team and has the potential to delay finalising negotiations.

Members have raised concerns that the vetting process for participants in these channels will preclude Union members and will be raising all these concerns with NAB.

If you have nominated and have been rejected please reach out to

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Questions and Feedback

If you have further questions please reach out to your union rep, your Organiser, or email and our team will be in touch.

Your FSU Bargaining Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary