This is it!

We are just days away from
our chance to change the rules
for working people.

Below is a message from ACTU President Michele O’Neil that we hope you’ll share with everyone you know including your family, work colleagues and friends.

Together – we can change the rules!

We are just days away from election day. This is it. Our chance to change the government and change the rules so working people get a fair go at work.

Throughout this election campaign Sally and I have been all over the country and everywhere we have been people talk to us about what it’s like trying to keep up with the cost of living when wages have not been growing at all. So many working people are living in poverty and struggling to just do the basics like paying rent. Everywhere and in every industry people have told us about insecure work, casual, contract and labour hire jobs that you can’t rely on.

This is not the country we want. We need a better future for this generation and the next.

Help get the word out in these last few days by sharing this video on social media.

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have nothing to say and no plan for fair wages, no plan for secure jobs. They only have a plan for big business, the rich and their mates.

On election day this Saturday, this is our chance to change the country, change the government and change the rules, so we can have a more equal society.

Find your nearest election day polling place here and remember, if you are unable to vote on Saturday because you are working or away you can vote any day this week at an early voting centre.

We are on the cusp of changing our country for the better. Don’t waste a minute. Let’s get this done. Let’s vote to change the government.

In unity,

Michele O’Neil
ACTU President


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary