This Year Our Votes Count for Fairness

Working people across the country know that too many people are in insecure work or aren’t getting the pay rises they need to keep up with the cost of living.

The 2019 budget from the Morrison Government has done nothing to fix this. It will just make it worse.

To win secure jobs, fair pay rises and a fair go for all, it’s clear that we need to change the government.

The Federal Election will be called any day now. Labor and the Greens have committed to the union movement’s agenda to Change the Rules. And if they get elected, we will hold them to account for that commitment. See the graphic here for examples of Labor’s commitments to improving conditions for Australian workers.

Will you pledge to vote for a party that will Change the Rules to make Australia fairer for working people?

Morrison’s budget does nothing to deliver fair pay rises. Over the life of this Government, it has made 21 predictions that wages would rise and got those predictions wrong every single time. That’s no surprise: they’ve voted 8 times to cut penalty rates, they oppose increases to award wages, and said that workers should just wait for pay rises to trickle down from big business.

And the budget does nothing to stop the spread of insecure work. There are no measures to stop companies forcing workers onto casual or contracting arrangements, and no plans to protect job losses from outsourcing and automation.

It doesn’t make big business or the very wealthy pay their fair share of tax, nor does it reverse its cuts to schools and hospitals.

As election day gets closer so will the polls. Every vote will count. Take the election pledge to Change the Rules now.

And are your enrollment details up to date? Visit the AEC website to update your details or make sure you are on the roll.


Together we can Change the Rules,


Julia Angrisano
FSU National Secretary


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary