Time for Solutions - Westpac Group Home Finance Managers, Lenders & Lending Managers

Last Wednesday night Westpac Group Home Finance Managers, (HFMs), Lenders, and Lending Managers (LMs), attended a national zoom meeting to discuss the issues and challenges currently being faced in their working day.

At this meeting, HFMs, Lenders and LMs from across the country got the chance to have their voices heard. It was evident from the stories shared that everyone was experiencing the same issues.  You shared your frustrations with current processes, lack of training and pressure to reach unrealistic targets during a global pandemic.

Most concerning was the impact all these issues are having on your health and work/life balance. Some of the issues members raised include:

  • Inconsistent policy and credit changes, especially during the COVID crisis.
  • OBP – major problems in training, rollout and policy not reflecting processes.
  • Targets – failure to readjust targets to reflect the reality of COVID and major blowouts in time to process loan applications.
  • Lack of work life balance, with reports of staff working excessive hours, including late nights and weekends.

At the meeting, members unanimously agreed that it was time to act. The current processes were not working, it was time for solutions.

On Wednesday 26 August the FSU will host another zoom meeting for all Westpac Group HFMs, Lenders, and LMs to plan for the coming campaign. This will be your chance to work with your colleagues to fix the issues,  we will also be going through the next steps of this campaign.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary