Time to support our Log of Claims

We recently informed you that negotiations for the TMBL Enterprise Agreement (EA) have started. Our next step together is to support our Log of Claims.

You can read our full Log of Claims here, which sets out what TMBL staff want to see in our new EA.

From our survey, we know our priorities are guaranteed pay increases that keep pace with the rising cost of living and greater flexibility. We are also calling for better parental leave, increased super contributions and other progressive leave provisions.

Together we will create a fairer and stronger workplace at TMBL.

Support our Log of Claims

We know that workplaces that have a strong union presence win better outcomes. With enterprise bargaining commencing, the time to join your union is now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your FSU organiser Phil Robinson at phil.robinson@fsunion.org.au

Your FSU bargaining team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary