Bargaining at NAB

Timing for a new Enterprise Agreement and 2022 increases for eligible employees

FSU wrote to NAB in August seeking a date to begin negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.

The current Agreement expired in December 2019 and whilst a new Agreement had been negotiated, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the Agreement was never put to ballot. However, NAB agreed to and have honoured all that had been agreed to at the table.

Following NAB’s response seeking to postpone the commencement of negotiations until early 2022, members in Group 1 and 2 roles expressed concerns a unilateral decision would made in relation to their next salary increases.

Union Officials met with NAB conveying your concerns and our principle position that workers deserve a voice in determining what a their pay looks like. Following these constructive discussions, NAB have agreed Group 1 and 2 employees will get a voice in what their next annual increase will be.

The formal notification to commence bargaining will then occur in early 2022 where FSU will be looking to negotiate a new set of conditions, including salary increases for Group 3 & 4 staff as well as future increases past 2022 for Group 1 & 2 staff will begin to be negotiated in February.

Next Steps – Group 1 and 2: Have your say on pay

Management and the Union will be meeting in mid-late October to discuss the annual increase for Group 1 and 2 workers, to come into effect in January 2022.

Now it’s time to have your say – we want to hear what you think reflects your hard work and dedication through this difficult period.

If you are a Group 1 or 2 member please complete this brief feedback form by COB 8 October.

There will be further information about the commencement of formal bargaining early in the New Year when we will ask all members to complete a comprehensive survey regarding all conditions of employment. While formal negotiations for a new agreement won’t commence until early next year, it is incredibly important our members have a voice on critical issues such as pay and we welcome NAB decision to work collaboratively with us on this.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary