TMBL Log of Claims – Have your say!

Starting next week, it’s our chance to improve TMBL for all employees.

Negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement are about to hit full steam. Our union, the FSU, will be advocating for improved terms and conditions – including decent annual wage increases.

Everyone who filled out the union survey gave critical input to our bargaining agenda; and this means we’re pushing for what we all most need to see at TMBL.

Our Bargaining Log of Claims

Thanks to this consultation, the full members’ Log of Claims is ready for members to view here.

This is the key document in negotiations for our workplace agreement. It spells out what we want to see in our new Enterprise Agreement, developed from our survey responses over the last four weeks.

Next steps

Now is the time to decide your position on the future of work at TMBL, by endorsing the log of claims.

Click here to endorse the members’ Log of Claims


A Consultative Committee of FSU members at TMBL has been formed and will actively provide ongoing feedback to FSU negotiators. If you have questions or feedback, please contact one of the following Committee representatives:

Dyarne Olguin
Glenda Weir
Craig Baldwin
Grant Cousins

You can also reply directly to this email with any questions.

In Unity
Your FSU Bargaining Team.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary