We WON against the worst attack on workers' rights since WorkChoices

You Did It!
Together we beat Morrison’s IR Bill

Since Christmas thousands of FSU members have gotten in touch with the Senate Crossbench, urging them to listen to workers about the dangers of the Morrison IR Bill. Yesterday those efforts paid off.

The majority of the Government’s harmful omnibus Bill has failed. Of the five elements of the Bill, only one was passed.

This outstanding result is because of you. It was your social media, your emails to Senators, your calls to members of Parliament, and your voices on all platforms telling Senators where working people stand, that got us this result.

Without you we would have seen devastating changes to the whole bargaining system and rollbacks on some of the most basic rights of part-time workers.

Well done – when we work together we are powerful.

The part of the Bill that did pass relates to some of the most vulnerable workers in Australia. Today, the Government has ensured that casual work remains insecure and uncertain, with no viable path to ongoing work and no ability for workers to enforce their rights. They have betrayed those who have been impacted the most by the pandemic.

Our fight will continue until we have addressed insecure work and its consequences.

This exploitation of casual workers and failure to defend some of our most vulnerable workers will forever be on the hands of the Government and its allies: One Nation and Stirling Griff.

We’ll make sure these issues follow them to the next election – we know Australians won’t back politicians who support wage theft and attack casuals.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary