Union members at BT and Asgard improve Westpac’s offer

Union members at BT have been campaigning for an improved offer from Westpac as part of the bank’s ‘Wealth Harmonisation’. Westpac had announced their plans to simplify and align the pay and conditions of Wealth employees, which would have a direct impact on over 1000 BT and Asgard employees. 

FSU has for some time been advocating and campaigning for all Westpac Group employees to be covered by a common set of employment conditions, that leaves no one disadvantaged but the Wetspac’s offer diminished conditions for BT and Asgard staff. 

Members and workplace reps collected more than 200 signatures on a petition calling for no cuts to long service leave accrual for South Australian members. 

There were multiple concerns heard at the first meeting on October 19th around the first announcement which included questions about SA long service leave, packaging arrangements and a proposed increase in hours from 36.5 or 37.5 to 38 hours.

After just two meetings with Westpac and FSU expressing members’ concerns and dissatisfaction with the current offer, Westpac went back to prepare a new deal. 

Then, on November 4th came significant concessions and improvements to the bank’s offer.

These are just some of the improvements included: 

  • An extra week of Long Service Leave for employees in SA with more than 10 years of service. 
  • Approximately 40 roles remapped to an unpackaged role, meaning these staff will be able to receive overtime, allowances, and other entitlements under the enterprise agreement. 

This is a testament to the outstanding campaign work of FSU Reps and members . Magnificent work to all involved in this campaign.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary