Union Members Take Up the Fight on Wage Theft

NAB to back pay $330,000 to Retail Employees!!!              

Last week letters were issued to current and former retail employees to advise how much back pay they will receive.

The money was recovered because union members stood together to end the use of dual contracts. NAB was using secondary employment contracts to avoid Overtime payments for extra hours worked.

FSU National Secretary, Julia Angrisano said “what’s really strikes me is that NAB made $5.55 billion in profit last year and yet it thought it was ok to rip off its lowest paid workers, mostly women on part-time wages. During the Royal Commission we saw big banks behaving badly toward customers, but they’ve been behaving badly towards their staff too. We know this behaviour is not limited to NAB. Wage theft is rife in our industry and we’re putting employers on notice”.

Short Term Contracts Also Used to Underpay Staff

While NAB agreed to settle this matter with the FSU late last year, it’s taken months to complete the review. Now that we’re seeing payment letters coming through, we’ve identified secondary issues where in one WA region short term contracts have been used to again avoid paying staff even after NAB agreed to stop doing this. In FNQ the Regional Exec is telling staff Overtime pay is not allowed.

Claiming Additional Hours

Krissie Jones recently sent instructions to all retail staff and managers clarifying the availability of Overtime where you are required to work additional hours. You should record all additional hours in SAP. If it’s not approved or you are discouraged or blocked from claiming Overtime, report it immediately.

Have you experienced wage theft?

If you’ve experienced wage theft share your story.

Together we can recover your lost wages and stamp out wage theft.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary