4 June 2019

UniSuper EA 2019

Your FSU workplace reps are pleased to advise that we have reached agreement with UniSuper on the terms of the new EA!

We now recommend that all staff covered accept the new offer.

Effective 1 Jan 2019 2.75%
From 1 Jan 2020 3.0%
From 1 Jan 2021 3.0%
From 1 Jan 2022 3.0%

This is a total of 11.75% in increases over the period of the agreement. This is a big win and was only achieved by FSU members like you and I standing together.

There are also no other substantive changes to our terms and conditions – we are not trading off ANY of our entitlements.

The proposed agreement will expire 31st Jan 2022 to allow 11 months to settle on the 2023 pay increases.

On a another positive note, management has also reached out to propose that over the next 3 years we work together to build a better, more collaborative relationship.

We recommend a Yes vote in the ballot to be held before 30 June – this will ensure that our September bonuses are paid on the 2019 EA rates.

For our members who are not covered by the EA, talks will resume after the ballot to ensure that our voice is also heard.

Questions? Come along to the FSU member meeting on Thursday June 6th:

1:00pm to 2:00pm Level 1 Room 1.23
2:00pm to 3:00pm Level 1 Room 1.22

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday, if you would like more information please contact your reps below:

Name Ext Email
Anita 7989 Anita.Gordon@unisuper.com.au
Chris 7765 Christopher.Delaland@unisuper.com.au
Matt 6980 Matthew.Rowe@unisuper.com.au
Andrew 7162 Andrew.Gould@unisuper.com.au
Justin 4130 Justin.Fitzgerald@unisuper.com.au

Again, this was only possible by FSU members standing together, if you have a colleague who is not yet a member of the FSU, forward them this email and ask them to join online today!

In Unity,

Your UniSuper FSU Workplace Reps

Anita, Andrew, Chris, Justin and Matthew.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary