UniSuper eNPS survey – let's MAKE management listen

This is an important update about our UniSuper Enterprise Agreement.

Renewal of the EA

After speaking with our members, we proposed a formal extension of our EA with a 7% pay increase and commitment to start bargaining in April 2023.

We also told UniSuper that the 60% in office mandate is not working for us. Like our colleagues at funds like AustralianSuper, we want to attend the office as required by our roles.

You will have seen Julie Watkins’ email last Friday informing us that UniSuper management is rejecting all of our claims.

It is positive that member pressure has led to a small increase in the below-CPI pay increase. But it is a minor concession.

This week’s eNPS survey

This week, UniSuper management will be collecting feedback on employee engagement.

Over the past year, UniSuper management has asked us what we thought about flexible work, pay, and our enterprise agreement. We said we want an EA with a fair pay increase, and the ability to work where our role requires.

Peter Chun and UniSuper Management completely ignored us. They are not listening.

So let’s make them listen. 

In the eNPS, tell management what we think of their direction to work in the office, real wages pay cuts, and total refusal to listen to us.

It’s time for us to tell UniSuper what we REALLY think.

Stay tuned for more important updates about our Enterprise Agreement at UniSuper.

In unity,
Your FSU UniSuper reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary