Urgent FSU Briefing sessions - EA Ballot to commence 23rd Nov

Today, NAB’s Senior Executive Team confirmed that they will put their proposal of cuts to pay and conditions to an all-staff ballot in the week commencing 23rd November.

This is without our support or endorsement as these proposals will erode our standard of living and reduce our entitlements.

Register to attend an urgent Union briefing to hear the details of Management’s proposal and how we can stop these cuts.

Register here: Wednesday 9th Nov – 8am (AEDT)

Register here: Wednesday 9th Nov – 12pm (AEDT)

Register here: Wednesday 9th Nov – 7pm (AEDT)

Register here: Wednesday 9th Nov – 6pm (AWST)

Commit to Voting No to cuts to pay and conditions

Why we need to Vote NO to Management’s proposal

Management’s proposal is unacceptable and would see all of us worse off over the next 2 years and beyond.

What are some of the headlines around management’s inferior proposal?

  • A real world wage cut that would leave all colleagues worse off;
  • No protections against excessive workloads;
  • Removal or limitations of entitlements e.g. Annual Leave Loading & RDO’s;
  • Rejection of all Union member claims on flexible/work from home arrangement.

Let us be clear – any benefits that management try and sell to us are far outweighed by the negatives.

Commit to Voting No against cuts to pay and conditions.

Questions and Feedback

If you have further questions, please reach out to your union rep, your Organiser or email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au and our team will be in touch.

Your FSU Bargaining Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary