Urgent FSU EA Meeting

Are management walking away from negotiations?

Management have indicated they will stop negotiating soon – but they still haven’t offered real fixes on pay, workloads or job security.

This completely disregards the real hardship we all face every day.

As a matter of urgency we are inviting all WBC employees to a special FSU Zoom meeting this Thursday 1 September to discuss critical next steps. We are holding one at 7pm (AEST) and another at 9pm (AEST) so you can join us at the time that best suits you:

7pm (AEST) Thursday 1 September

9pm (AEST) Thursday 1 September


Why are FSU members angry about pay?

Thousands of us have overwhelmingly called for an ongoing 6% pay increase that keeps up with the cost of living. Management’s 0–4% base salary offer and one-off payment will leave all of us worse off in the months and years to come compared with today.

Last year CEO Peter King received a base salary increase of 13.4% while Westpac Executive Christine Parker received a 9% increase to her base salary. It’s clear that Westpac Executives have one rule for themselves and another for the rest of us.

With ever-increasing profits, Westpac can afford to meet cost-of-living pay for all of its staff. Management have not raised any budgetary reasons when asked why they won’t provide this. With hardship cases increasing every day, it’s time Westpac gives back.

Make sure to attend the urgent FSU meeting this Thursday and bring along your workmates.

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In Unity,
Frank Brady (WBC Lockleys)
Isobel Fish (BOM Melbourne)
Sacha Hammersley (WBC Lomond)
Christine Otto (STG Concord West)
Tracy Piltz (BSA Tailem Bend)
Penny Stefanou (WBC Kogarah)


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary