27 October 2023

URGENT: Save our AMP Enterprise Agreement

Right now, we’re on what’s called a Zombie Agreement.

The AMP-GIO Enterprise Agreement 2000 has been around for a very long time and is scheduled to terminate on 7 December 2023. This means that entitlements and protections afforded by the agreement will also terminate unless the Fair Work Commission approves an extension.

To do this, we urgently need important information from you by 3 November to submit an extension application.

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Why this matters

Even though the current Agreement is old, it contains some great conditions that are worth saving. For example, our maximum redundancy pay under the Agreement is 104 weeks, but under the modern Award minimum standards it would revert to 16 weeks. That’s a big difference.

We’ve asked AMP to negotiate with us for a new Enterprise Agreement, but they have repeatedly declined.

Without an Enterprise Agreement in place, it means AMP can make any changes to our working conditions at any time, without needing to consult with staff.

Given their track record, can we really trust them to “do the right thing”?

By breathing life into this Zombie Agreement, we can safeguard conditions until AMP comes to the table to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement. In order for us to do so, we need information about your current work patterns to complete an extension application, so please complete this important survey today.

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 For more information, contact your FSU Organiser Phil Robinson on phil.robinson@fsunion.org.au or 0434 169 444.

In unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary