The campaign for a new Westpac Group EA

Now more than ever it is important that we have a say about the key issues that impact us at work and in our personal lives.

As our union begins preparations to commence negotiations for a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement (EA) it’s important that we hear from you about issues that impact your work and personal life.

The results will assist our bargaining team to identify the key issues for the upcoming negotiations for a new agreement.

This new agreement will come at a time when the finance industry has undergone immense change due to the Covid -19 pandemic. The Westpac Group itself is also implementing a transformation process that will see the number of jobs reduced by 20% in certain parts of the business. This will significantly change how we perform our work into the future.

In this changing environment we have an opportunity to lead the way to ensure that the work Westpac Group workers do is valued and secure.

Together we can have a real say in what working across the Westpac Group will look like in the future!