Voices of Westpac workers – a case study in wage suppression

This report presents a compelling case for an increase in real wages. Finance workers’ wages have fallen back to 2015 levels, yet we’re increasing our productivity and delivering even more for our employers.

It beggars belief that employers in the most profitable sector in our country are arguing about providing their workforce with a minimum pay increase to barely cover increases in the costs of living.



WBC staff speak out

“I am stressed out worrying about how I am going to afford new school uniforms and a laptop for my son who is due to start high school next year and is a requirement of his school”
*Sandra, NSW

“The price of food, transport, living costs and fuel has increased massively over the recent years. The least a company can do to take care of employees is keep their wage consistent with inflation. By not doing this they show they do not care.
*Ross, Vic

“We should not have to wait until our salary has fallen so far against the cost of living that it no longer covers every day expenses, plus enough to save for emergencies and retirement - our remuneration should keep pace with productivity increases and inflation.”
*Lucy, NSW

Finance workers should not have to choose between paying for medication or specialist appointments. Workers in our most profitable sector should be able to afford to heat their homes in winter months. It’s time to fix this problem. It’s time for the finance industry to pay up. It’s time for a pay rise.