WBC Bargaining Update
Game on for “NO Vote” at all-staff ballot

Westpac management have announced that they intend to put their below-standard EA proposal to an all-staff ballot. This is without our support or endorsement.

Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


Good faith bargaining by Management in doubt

Management’s premature decision to put their below-standard proposal out to an all-staff ballot now raises real concerns that they have not met their “Good Faith Bargaining” obligations under the Fair Work Act. Our Union bargaining representatives have asked for specific data to help identify workload issues in parts of the Group. Management have yet to provide this data.

What has management got to hide when it comes to workloads?

Why is Management’s proposal unacceptable?

Management’s proposal is unacceptable and would see all of us worse off over the next 2 years.

What are some of the headlines around management’s inferior proposal?

  • A real wage cut that would leave staff worse off, and falls below what other industry leaders propose for their staff;
  • Less say over major change with a cut to the consultation period;
  • No protections against excessive workloads;
  • Paid parental leave that falls short of best industry standard of 26 weeks;
  • No consultation with us over the Bank’s long-term agenda around future jobs.

Let us be clear – any benefits that management try and sell to us are far outweighed by the negatives.

What next?

A few years ago FSU members in ANZ said NO to an inferior pay offer. After that ballot, ANZ management returned with an improved offer that members accepted.

Let’s do the same at Westpac and say NO to this grim offer and bring management back to the table for serious negotiations around the issues that are important to us!


Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


Make sure you talk with your colleagues about why they should vote NO as well.

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In Unity,
Frank Brady (WBC Lockleys)
Isobel Fish (BOM Melbourne)
Sacha Hammersley (WBC Lomond)
Christine Otto (STG Concord West)
Tracy Piltz (BSA Tailem Bend)
Penny Stefanou (WBC Kogarah)

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary