WBC Bargaining Update
NO Change from Management

Our EA negotiations continue to stall. Management isn’t listening to members on the key issues of cost-of-living wage increases, genuine fixes to the workload crisis, and certainty around our future at work.

What this means for your pay

As cost of living increases begin to bite, more and more workers from across the finance industry are joining us at Westpac in the call for real wage increases.

How does Westpac’s wage cut proposal compare with our FSU real wage claim? See the difference to your budget with our easy pay calculator.


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Our FSU bargaining team met with management last week

Another negotiation meeting was held last Friday 16 September. At this meeting management had an opportunity to improve their offer on these key outstanding issues. We are extremely disappointed to report that they are still unwilling to move closer to our claim. This is despite recent analysis predicting inflation will now reach close to 7.8% as well as more and more reports being provided of workloads exceeding acceptable levels across key areas of the business.

Management are aware that employees are doing it tough and that we will not accept a real wage cut. As more and more of our colleagues in other banks get behind their cost-of-living pay claims, it is critically important now that Group employees join our campaign in Westpac. Have you committed to vote NO if management put out their wage cut proposal to an all-staff ballot?


Commit to NO if WBC offer goes to ballot


For the many of us who have already made the commitment, please pass this message onto your friends and colleagues today.


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary