Westpac Group: New Performance Year – Will the changes to targets be enough to change sales culture

Sales culture is damaging our industry |
Momentum builds to fix the culture |
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Sales culture is damaging our industry

The pressure to sell is not new. FSU members regularly report on the daily pressure they are placed under: to prioritise the selling of a product as part of a campaign, the use of leader boards or emails to name and shame people for not selling, being told that when a customer says no they don’t really mean no, and that ‘customer needs met’ is interpreted for ‘sales at all cost’.

Over the last two years all these stories and more have come out in numerous reviews and Royal Commission hearings. As a result of the Sedgwick review a set of recommendations were published for consideration and implementation by 2020.

In June FSU members working in Westpac Group overwhelmingly endorsed, as part of the claim for a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement, that changes to performance objectives clauses need to be made in order to change the sales-at-all-costs culture.

Momentum builds to fix the culture

In late July Brian Hartzer announced that Westpac would be accelerating the implementation of Sedgwick recommendations effective 1 October 2018. With new performance objectives and scorecards for FY19 due to come into effect on 1 October 2018, Westpac have begun to consult with staff. This process includes gathering and considering your feedback on the proposed performance objectives and scorecards.

Have your say now

If you have any feedback about the proposed FY19 performance objectives, now is the time to speak up.

When providing feedback on proposed scorecards consider the following:

Do you think the implementation of Sedgwick recommendations will be enough to change the sales culture?

Do you think the proposed scorecards reflects Sedgwick recommendations?

Do the proposed performance objectives reflect Westpac values?

Not sure if your scorecard measures up to Sedgwick recommendations – click here to find out more information on the recommendations.

Remember all feedback you provide to your manager must be considered.

We also want to hear your thoughts on FY19 performance objectives, email us at wbccampaigns@fsunion.org.au