4 days to vote NO

What happens when we reject management’s offer at the ballot?

The Bank have said that it’s all or nothing when voting on their proposal. Don’t fall for it. We‘ve seen this before. Management will be unable to ignore the clear mandate their employees have provided by rejecting their pay cut agenda. After the vote we will immediately demand management return to the bargaining table for a real pay increase while protecting our conditions won over many years.

By staying united and all voting No, we will ensure our pay will not fall behind in the years to come.

How do I make my vote count on Tuesday?

Simply not voting because you don’t like management’s offer is not good enough. It is the majority of votes only that are counted so every No vote is crucial.

What do I need to know about voting No?

  • The ballot is open from 6am AEDT on Tuesday 25 October and closes at 5pm AEDT on Tuesday 1 November.
  • The ballot is conducted by an independent company. Your vote is confidential.
  • You will be able to cast your vote online or by phone. The link and telephone number will be sent to you before the ballot opens on Tuesday.
  • To vote you will need your Voter Access Code (VAC) and Employee Number (M or F Number). Your VAC will be sent to you at the time the vote opens on Tuesday.

If you haven’t received any information from CorpVote by 26 October 2022, please email support@corpvote.com.au or ring 1300 710 950


Let’s win this together  and bring WBC management back to negotiations. Want to keep up with EA news as it happens? Join the FSU WBC WhatsApp chat.


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary