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FSU takes Westpac to Fair Work Commission

Today our Union lodged an application in the Fair Work Commission, over Westpac’s inadequate response to our request during enterprise bargaining for information relating to workloads.

Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


What has Westpac got to hide on workloads?

Many of us across the Westpac Group have raised excessive workloads as a core issue during EA bargaining. At the negotiation table we requested important data about excessive hours, employee feedback, and information concerning workloads.

This data would allow us to understand the extent of these issues, and how we can use this information to improve working conditions through the enterprise agreement.

However, Westpac has said it is not willing to provide all the data requested – instead they announced the proposed EA will be put to a ballot very soon.

Westpac’s Good Faith Bargaining in question

We are concerned that Westpac has not met its ‘good faith bargaining’ obligations under the Fair Work Act. We have now taken our concerns to the Commission.

While this important application is underway, it is critical that we all join together and campaign for a better EA that provides for reasonable workloads and a real cost of living pay increase.

Join with thousands of your colleagues who have already committed to Vote NO when Westpac puts its proposal to a ballot in October.


Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary