WBC Bargaining Update
Further questions on Westpac workloads

Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


Last week, our Union Representatives lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission over concerns that the Bank was not bargaining in “good faith”. Our major concern was that management had not provided adequate data around current workloads and excessive hours of work which is a core issue in this round of EA negotiations.

Late last night, just prior to our conciliation hearing that occurred in the Commission this morning, management finally responded with the required information. Based on providing that information the matter in the Fair Work Commission has been discontinued for now. However, the information they have provided raises serious concerns around how the Bank manages excessive hours of work and workloads in parts of the business. It is also a major concern that management confirmed, in their response last night, that they never had any intention of shifting their bargaining position on workloads.

We have serious cause now to pursue these workload questions and concerns. In the meantime, it is critically important that we reject management’s EA proposal by Voting No when they put it to a staff ballot shortly. By rejecting their EA proposal we will call on the Bank to provided a serious cost of living pay increase to all staff and address the fundamental problem of excessive additional hours and workloads in the EA.


Commit to vote NO to this dodgy offer


Have you already committed to Vote NO at the ballot?  Next step is to pass on this message to your friends and colleagues and ensure they commit to Vote No as well! If you’re not already an FSU member you can join here today.

In Unity,
Your FSU Bargaining Representatives

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary