WBC Bargaining Update
Vote No to WBC's cut in pay and conditions

As Westpac Group members and Union leaders we are calling on you to act. On Tuesday 25 October, we must vote No at management’s EA ballot to stop management’s cuts to our pay and conditions.

Colleagues have been left with the impression this offer will deliver a genuine improvement. That’s fundamentally untrue.

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Wednesday October 19 – 7:30pm AEDT

Like you, we work across different parts of the WBC Group and we are frustrated that management have decided to end negotiations and put out an EA proposal for ballot that would leave all of us far worse off.

What happens when we win a No Vote?

We will be in the strongest possible position to secure real improvements on base salary for all staff without loss of conditions. Management cannot ignore the clear mandate that union members and Westpac Group colleagues will have provided by rejecting their pay cut agenda.

We will demand that management return to the bargaining table immediately.

Here’s why you must Vote No!

What are WBC management really proposing?

Below inflation pay offer that will keep Westpac wages behind cost of living for years to come. While the rate of rising inflation might ease at some point, the actual cost of the things we need to buy are unlikely to go down. We will never recover that gap.
Management’s proposal of a 4% base salary increase for a minority of staff covered by the EA is an enormous drop below the predicted inflation rate of 7.8%. Their proposal offers even less or nothing for remaining staff.
No guaranteed pay increase above Tier 2. No pool like last time. No certainty. X
A one-off cash payment rather than putting that money into base salaries. This means no ongoing contributions to superannuation and denies staff future pay increases calculated on a higher base. A big saving for the Bank. X
Staffing clause that further normalises the requirement to work additional hours in order to meet allocated workloads. X
Decreased consultation time from 14 to 10 days when undergoing major change/restructures. Less time to ask questions. Less time to have a say. X
The remote district allowance and remote location leave entitlements won’t apply to new employees and will be ‘bought out’ for existing employees. X
Changes that will give Westpac more power and discretion to redeploy you into a new position, or whether to retrench you, if your position becomes redundant. X

Commit to Vote NO to Westpac’s inadequate EA proposal

This deal will deliver a cut to pay and conditions for us all!

Fact Check

Last week our Union wrote to Westpac demanding that the Bank correct statements made by State General Manager, Dominic Papaluca, about management’s pay offer. The following day Mr Papaluca wrote to all staff clarifying that WBC’s base salary offer does not include the one-off cash payment.

Further, members have said that the State General Manager told branch employees that he would, himself, vote yes to WBC’s EA offer. Let’s be clear, the outcome of this ballot will have no effect on the GM’s pay or conditions. Mr Papaluca cannot vote at the ballot and is not covered by it’s below cost of living pay offer. This is your EA and your vote. Make it count and vote No. Make sure to ask your colleagues to vote No as well.

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Please forward this update onto everyone you work with and if you’re not already a member, join today.

In Unity,
Your FSU Bargaining Representatives

In Unity,
Your FSU Bargaining Representatives

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary