WBC Group - Negotiations Breakthrough

Great Result for FSU Members

Westpac improves offer in response to FSU member feedback and “We Deserve Better” workplace activity.

During August and September, FSU members provided feedback on improvements needed following Westpac’s initial proposal. Thousands of members participated in “We Deserve Better” workplace activities calling on Westpac to improve its offer and to match the key elements of FSU’s claim for Fairness, Security and to be Valued.
After tabling FSU member feedback, Westpac have moved on key outstanding issues of pay, performance objectives and comparability. Your feedback and activity were critical in reaching the final outcome – congratulations to everyone involved.

Tier 3 Pay

Westpac has proposed no change to their approach to Tier 3 pay. The FSU understands that cost of living pressures are the same for all workers and is committed to continuing the fight with our members to change this unfair system.

Industry Leading Conditions

The proposed new enterprise agreement has industry leading conditions that value employees’ contributions, and deliver secure jobs which address the challenges that members are facing today and tomorrow.

Together we have achieved:

  • Introduction of a Future of Work Role;
  • 20 days paid leave for staff experiencing family and domestic violence;
  • Introduction of a casual conversion clause;
  • Maintained part time loadings;
  • An increase in compassionate leave from 2 days per occasion to 3 days per occasion;
  • Extending RRR, procedural fairness and allowances clauses to wealth employees;
  • An increase in paid parental leave for support carers from 2 weeks to 3 weeks;
  • A commitment to removing Leader boards and introducing ‘performance dashboards’, that are consistent with principles outlined in the Sedgwick Recommendations, and to change reporting systems to ensure that employees only see information about their own results;
  • A commitment to establish joins FSU and Westpac working groups, Gender Pay Equity and RRR, Consultation, Future of Work.

Next Steps

The FSU National Enterprise Councils in Westpac and St George / BankSA have endorsed the final outcome of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement covering the Westpac Group.
FSU report back meetings will be held across Westpac, St George, BankSA, BT and Bank of Melbourne workplaces over the next few weeks. This is your opportunity to hear firsthand the details of the “in-principle“ agreement. Look out for a meeting near you to attend and make sure your workplace is represented.

An all employee ballot will be held from Friday 26 October to Thursday 1 November 2018. The ballot will be conducted by independent company, CorpVote, who will send instructions and details on the voting process closer to the ballot opening.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary