We are putting our foot down – we deserve more!

Yesterday we put our foot down when we met with Aware Super management representatives, Debra Mika, Chief of Staff and Mark Bartlett, Head of Strategic HR projects at the bargaining table.

We told them in the meeting that FSU members reject the below inflation offer of 3% (and a one off $1000 payment) and we read out our strong member statement.  We said we want our wages to keep up with inflation, which is currently 5.1%. We deserve our wages to go forwards, not backwards.

We are making a difference at Aware and showing our strength.

Rather than yesterday being the end of talking about pay – Aware Super management committed to go away and discuss this further.

Once they come back with a new offer, we will call a member meeting to discuss this offer with you.

Let’s keep fighting for fair pay and let’s keep making a difference together!

We are stronger with more members. If you haven’t joined the union already – please join.

Your FSU Aware Super Reps

Your friendly Organiser at FSU is Jordan Underwood – don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary