We are standing strong together: Bargaining Update

In Enterprise Agreement negotiations yesterday, we called for wage increases that keep our pay ahead of inflation.  We explained in detail what real access to flexible work looks like for us, and why it is one of our highest priorities.

We reiterated our call for wage increases to stay ahead of inflation.

We told Hostplus Management that leave to support gender equity and inclusion matters to us.  We want to see specific, stand-alone entitlements to menstruation and menopause leave (12 days), cultural and religious observance leave (5 days), unlimited family and domestic violence leave as well as grandparental leave.

Hostplus Management is proposing an inadequate leave allocation for these important rights.

We also called out  problems with the email sent to staff by Natalie yesterday.

  1. The current wage proposal by Hostplus management is NOT on par with other industry funds. Negotiations at Aware Super started in 2019 when inflation was at just 0.7%. Negotiations at CBUS started when inflation was 3%.

    We are calling for a pay rise relevant to TODAY – with inflation at a 20 year record of 6.1%. We will not accept a pay proposal that gives us a real wage cut.  

  2. Hostplus does not currently offer extensive workplace flexibility options as suggested in the email yesterday. We explained what real choice and flexible work looks like.

Hostplus Management have said they will consider our claims again and come back to us.

There is strength in numbers – we will win a fair Enterprise Agreement at Hostplus by working together.  If you are not yet a member of our Union community at Host, join today.

Your FSU Hostplus reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary