We did it!

Your voice was essential in making our workplaces safer

Today is a historic day!

Thanks to you and other FSU members we have secured reforms that will lead to safer workplaces for generations to come.

Work Health and Safety Ministers from the States, Territories and the Federal Government voted yesterday to regulate mental health hazards at work.

These changes are a significant step in the prevention of mental illness, sexual harassment and gendered violence in the workplace.

Regulation on mental health (or “psychosocial”) hazards will require employers to identify and remove hazards to mental health from the workplace – one of the most significant issues facing finance workers today – just as they currently do with physical hazards.

It will also give workers rights to enforce better protections for mental health and to take action key issues such as workloads, understaffing and occupational violence and harassment (including sexual harassment) at work.

These changes happened because of you. Hundreds of you contacted your State and Federal MPs, visited Ministers, and told your stories in the media. We made our voices heard and I hope that you are as proud as I am to be a part of our mighty collective effort to win these new regulations.




Thanks for being a part of this historic day,

Proud FSU member

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary