We ended pay secrecy at Westpac together –
and we’re just getting started

Do you want a better workplace?

Negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement (EA) at Westpac Group will begin soon. This means we have a chance to win better pay, fairer conditions, and respect.

Leading the conversation on better workplaces starts with us sharing what’s most important.


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We can start by making our voices heard.

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The last couple of years haven’t been easy.

We’ve been essential workers providing an essential service under extreme conditions. We’ve continued providing exceptional support for our customers and our communities. We kept up with high workloads, changing policies, new working arrangements and poor staffing. We accomplished this in addition to all the usual day-to-day work issues.

It’s time for us to be recognised. Valued. Respected. It’s time for us to lead this conversation to have our contribution properly rewarded.

Pay Secrecy abolished at WBC

This week proved what happens when we speak up. Westpac joined ANZ, NAB and the RBA by removing the requirement for workers to keep details of their remuneration secret.

This change comes after years of sustained pressure from FSU members.

Pay transparency leads to better workplace culture – it allows workers to hold our employers accountable for inequities. While secrecy contributes to the large gender pay gap in our industry, it is a problem for all workers. This is a significant win.

It’s time to see what else we can achieve, by speaking out together in these EA negotiations.

We deserve respect and recognition

At the end of last year, Westpac Group announced an annual profit of $5.45 billion. We know Westpac can afford to ensure our work is valued and secure. What we need is to make sure they make it happen.

By capturing our experiences of working at the Westpac Group, we can focus on the most important issues in our EA negotiations.

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Your FSU Bargaining Team
Penny, Sacha, Christine, Isy and Tracy