We need competitive pay and conditions

Negotiations have begun for our new Enterprise Agreement (EA) and the weeks ahead will be crucial for all of us who are covered by either an expired Zurich EA or expired ANZ EA.

Hundreds of FSU members have already provided feedback on what’s important to them, and this has helped form our Log of Claims.

You’ve told us you need a fair pay increase that addresses the cost-of-living crisis, no loss of existing conditions, and the introduction of modern progressive entitlements.

Are you satisfied with Zurich’s pay increases over the past few years?

Take our quick, confidential feedback poll and let us know if you have any concerns with Zurich’s current pay arrangements. It’s important we hear from you as REM and TEC will be discussed at the next negotiation meeting on Wednesday 11 October.

Take our poll on pay

What have management proposed so far?

Our FSU bargaining team, along with employee representatives, have now met with management and presented our Log of Claims.

At the meetings, management have proposed a number of changes. Our FSU representatives have raised concerns that some may leave staff worse off.

Proposed changes from Zurich include:

  • Ordinary hours of work – change to 36.25 hours a week with no reduction in salary.
  • Ordinary span of hours increased from 7pm to 9pm resulting in a loss of access to overtime during this period without compensation.
  • Abolish annual leave loading entitlements (17.5%) with a one off buy-out of 1.3% to TEC salary.
  • Consider an FSU proposed clause for working from home arrangements to be outlined in new EA.
  • Exclude all Senior Leadership Group employees currently protected by the existing Zurich or ANZ EA from the new EA.

FSU members within the Senior Leadership Group have expressed alarm at the proposal by Zurich to exclude them from the new EA as entitlements contained in employment contracts alone can be easily changed or removed. Are you part of the Senior Leadership Group?

Confidentially register your interest here for critical information about what this means for you.

Please forward this update onto your colleagues. If you’re not yet an FSU member, you can join here.

In unity,

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary