We will VOTE NO to Aware's real wages pay cut

Last Tuesday we told Debra Mika, chief of Staff at Aware and Mark Bartlett, Head of Strategic HR projects that the offer of 3% (and a one off $1000 payment in 2022) isn’t good enough. With inflation at 5.1% and the cost of living soaring, we asked them to go back and try again.

They have failed to listen to us and are going to ask you to vote on this 3% substandard deal. This proposed EBA means a real wages pay cut for us.Fuel is up 35% ⬆Vegetables and meat are up 12% ⬆ How is 3% this year supposed to help us with the cost of living?

We will be voting NO.When voting starts on management’s proposed enterprise agreement on 20 June, stand with us and vote NO.If enough of us vote NO to this proposed agreement, we will force Debra Mika and Mark Bartlett back to the bargaining table and we can keep demanding a fair pay increase. We can win this together, and we’ll need a lot of us to VOTE NO.Share this email with your team. We deserve a fair pay increase and we can only win it by standing together and voting NO. We are stronger with more members. If you haven’t joined the union already – please join.  Your FSU Aware Super Reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary