We won! NAB EA to cover groups 1-6!


NAB have heard our message loud and clear – they have just advised us that the NAB Enterprise Agreement should cover all employees in Groups 1 – 6!

We have demonstrated our capacity to get NAB to back down when we support each other. Your actions have been instrumental in ensuring the NAB EA 2022 covers Group 1 – 6 employees.

The fight has only just began. We expect that we’ll need everyone to keep participating in the EA campaign to ensure that we defend our current conditions of employment and are able to negotiate a pay increase that recognises our fair share of the wealth generated by NAB.

All employees should expect to receive a “Notice of Employee Representational Rights” from NAB shortly. That will allow us to get on with securing our terms and conditions of employment and pay increases in the NAB EA 2022.

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Your FSU bargaining team
Adam Fletcher
Justine Sherwood
Meg Nair
Wendy Streets
Alex Cousner

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary