Respect @ Work for women

Every day unions like ours support members who have been sexually harassed at work.

Two in three women and one in three men have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to the Australian Unions survey in 2018.

There is a plan to make work safer, especially for women. The landmark Respect@Work report has 55 recommendations to create stronger rights to eliminate sexual harassment.

The Federal Government sat on this report for over a year before it was forced to act by the outcry of women in this country in response to Brittany Higgins and other women coming forward. They now have a Bill before the Parliament that cherry-picks some recommendations but ignores the ones that would make the biggest contribution to making women safe at work.

We know that family and domestic violence is a national crisis, especially during the pandemic. But the government has refused to support paid family and domestic violence leave to help women leave abusive relationships.

The vote on the Respect@Work Bill could be as early as this Wednesday (tomorrow!)

We urgently need to convince crossbench politicians and the government to vote for Respect@Work. Priority recommendations include:

  • A clear prohibition on sexual harassment supported by a proper complaints mechanism.
  • A positive duty on employers to take proactive steps to eliminate sexual harassment, rather than just waiting until things go wrong.
  • Ten days paid family and domestic violence leave – to help a woman leave an abusive relationship.

Can you help us put pressure on these key Senators and MPs right now?

Here are some example tweets:

Dear @Senator Cash – Harassment and violence against women at work is a national crisis. To make women safer at work, implement all of Respect@Work #wewontwait

Hi @PaulineHansonOz –Two in five women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in the past five years. Half measures won’t deal with this national crisis. Support all of the Respect@Work recommendations #wewontwait

Hi @Anne_Ruston – A woman is killed by her intimate partner each week on average. But paid leave can help a woman leave. Support 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave for all women, in the Respect@Work Bill this week #wewontwait

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary