We wrote to the MyState Board today – here's why

Today we wrote to the MyState Board of Directors on your behalf calling on them to intervene in negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement.

MyState management said that decisions about a fair pay increase are ultimately made by the Board.

As the Union negotiating your Enterprise Agreement, we have therefore written to your Board as we believe it is necessary to secure a fair pay increase and facilitate a fair, transparent negotiation process to achieve the best outcomes for all MyState employees.

You can read our letter to the Board here.

Throughout these negotiations, you have told us that you deserve a fair pay increase – 3% for all three years of MyState’s proposed deal, backdated to October 2020, when your current Enterprise Agreement was due to expire.

You told us this reflects the pay increases won at other, similar-sized banks, and also that it rewards the hard work and sacrifices you have made for MyState during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

MyState isn’t listening to you.

They said they can’t afford anything above a 2% increase in 2022 and 2023 and they can’t afford to backdate your pay increase to April this year.

But when we asked MyState how much a fair pay rise would cost, they refused to tell us. MyState told us they hadn’t calculated the cost because it was ‘hypothetical’.

How can MyState say they can’t afford something if they don’t know how much it will cost?

We have used the limited information MyState gave us to calculate just how much of their annual profits it would cost to give you a fair pay rise – and it’s not much.

You deserve to know why MyState are refusing to pay you a modest share of its profits, to give you the fair pay increase you deserve. You deserve to know they aren’t taking these negotiations seriously.

Together, we can win a better deal for MyState employees.

Nicole McPherson
Secretary, Victoria-Tasmania Branch

P.S. Please share this email with your colleagues or print out a copy of our letter and spread the word to your MyState co-workers.