Westpac, Supporting Australians – unless you work for them

54 Westpac jobs head offshore

The bank marketing itself as supporting Australians just made its first offshoring announcement of 2019.

Westpac have announced plans to offshore 54 roles from Middleware and Database Services, Global Client Experience, Implementation and Onboarding. At the same time as announcing plans to offshore jobs, Westpac are also cutting 8 jobs from GTS Sales.

In deciding the merits of an offshoring proposition and who is best placed to provide services to support customers Westpac consider, “capability, agility, efficiency and experience.”

Each of these jobs is currently being performed by Australian based staff that are capable and experienced.  Apparently, what they lack is efficiency – “the ability to leverage our partners systems and processes” – otherwise known as cost cutting. So, their jobs are being sent offshore because they are permanent employees who earn Australian wage rates – hardly the actions of a corporation that is supporting Australia.

Offshoring jobs while loudly proclaiming support for Australia, their customers and their people, begs the question – is Westpac’s marketing just cynical, meaningless spin? How do they expect to regain the trust and confidence of Australians whilst they slash Australian jobs through offshoring, job cuts and branch closures?

This is another example of Westpac putting profits before people – not good enough Westpac.

The rules are broken when large corporations like Westpac can get away with offshoring Australian jobs in order to maximise profits. For too long now, across our sector we have seen good quality jobs sent offshore. Banks will continue to put profits over jobs and skills. To put a big dent in their business models we need new rules that will make it harder for companies to offshore work.

Are you impacted? Our input is vital now

If you are impacted and want to retain a role, speak up as part of the consultation process currently underway.

The Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement 2019 (EA), sets out your rights and entitlements, including what steps Westpac must undertake in consulting you about the proposed branch closures. 

The agreement provisions include:

  • Genuine consultation periods to consider members’ feedback about proposed changes;
  • Measures Westpac will take to mitigate the adverse affect of the change;
  • Fair redeployment process that includes access to case managers and consideration of employee preferences.

Will you be asked to do more with less staff – what you can do

During the consultation period it’s vital to speak up about any concerns you and your colleagues may have – Westpac is obliged to consider your ideas and provide responses before a final decision is made.

When providing your feedback on the proposed change, some things you should consider is how the proposed change will impact work flow, quality of service provided, and workloads.

If you are impacted make sure you get all the facts. You can:

  • Speak to your FSU Workplace Rep or Organiser
  • Join the FSU online today at www.fsunion.org.au
  • Arrange to hold a workplace meeting to discuss the impact on you and your colleagues
  • Contact our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 to get further information and advice


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary